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Reiki Training


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is universal life force, an energy which will enable you to treat yourself or others to a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balancing. It is a method which has been handed down from the ancient traditions of Tibet.


The only requirement in taking this training is the desire to learn about this holistic method. Therefore there is no mental preparation. Once you are attuned, the concentrated life energy will flow through your hands and you will retain this ability for the rest of your life.


Reiki can help you find your way back to a balanced state of wholeness. Some effects of Reiki treatment can be:

-Releasing stress and emotions

-Balancing and amplifying energy

-Increasing creativity and awareness

-Working on the causal level of dis-ease


I became a Reiki Master teacher so I could help others help themselves. Having a Master’s Degree in Education, teaching is a joy and comes naturally to me as I look forward to sharing this with you.


Available Sessions 




Individual Reiki Session

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself while promoting deep relaxation and stress reduction. The energy seeks out imbalances and helps to remove blockages on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The practitioner is the vessel through which the recipient draws the energy to himself to create balance. Our body with its innate, healing intelligence takes in the energy where it is needed. A Reiki session will be a relaxing, special time that you have given to yourself. All clothing can be left on as the energy will go through your clothing. You will probably want to take your shoes off to make yourself more comfortable. Although there is no prohibition to talking during a session if something needs to be shared, but it is preferable to just relax and enjoy.

Available Classes


Reiki is one of the few healing arts that one can learn and apply to the self.

Reiki classes include:

First Degree Reiki

Students are attuned to the energy, learn the history of Reiki, and the basic hand positions for treatment. There are four attunements.

Second Degree Reiki

 Addresses physical, mental and emotional aspects, as well as sending energy long distance. This is accessed through various ancient Sanskrit symbols which are received through two attunements. The attunements or initiation aligns the four upper chakras of the body as well as the hands. This is a permanent attunement, whether you treat yourself daily or not at all. It will always be available to you for personal use or sharing with others.

Third Degree Reiki

Students receive a Master attunement with a Master symbol to pass on the ability to use the energy, along with a set of specific instructions on how to perform the ceremony for others. A review of Reiki I and Reiki II are included.

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