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Emotional Freedom Technique For Health and Pain Relief


            Would you like to improve the quality of your life?


            Do you want to find some relief from physical pain?


           Would you feel more empowered if you were able to participate

           in your own healing process?


           Are you willing to let go of your story?


  This simple technique of tapping on your body’s meridians or energy channels can be applied to many health, performance or         psychological issues. Just add your focus and intention and you are on your way to success.


  You will learn:

        _The basic recipe or procedure which includes the set-up, the sequence, the reminder phrase and the gamut

          point procedure,

        _How to work with the pain scale,,

        _How to tell when EFT is working,

        _Tapping for pain relief and trauma,

        _Different tapping sequences,

        _Creating your own tapping sequences including creating your happiness sequence.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Emotional Freedom Technique And The Chakras Workshop


        Are you still dealing with childhood fears even though you are

        an adult?


        Are you finding your relationships unfulfilling?


        Are you at a standstill and you don’t know how to change?


        Do you have difficulty sharing your feelings?


        Do you hold in all your emotions and have difficulty releasing

        feelings even when alone?


        Are you busy playing therapist to everyone else but have trouble

        looking at your own issues?


  Take the opportunity to learn how to focus on your own issues and release them in a simple and easy way by using the EFT tapping technique.

  It is easy to learn and can be done in partnership or alone. We will tap on the chakras to release old wounds and beliefs. We will also listen to a chakra meditation to help align and balance them.

Emotional Freedom Technique For Children


 Tapping with Children


  Meridian or Energy tapping is part of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tapping on these points helps to reinforce positive messages while releasing fears, phobias, cravings, physical issues, anxiety and restlessness. It helps to remove and rebalance disruptions in our energy system.


        Would you like your child to feel happy, peaceful and calm?


       Would you want your child to be able to release sadness, anger, anxiety, and hurt feelings?


       Support your child in learning to create positive feelings independently.


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